March-ing toward more warm weather records

We made it.

Welcome to March.

Every year, about the time they sound the last notes of 'Auld Lang Syne' on New Year's Eve, I begin to dread the next 60 days.

Most years I go ahead and make it 90.

I'm not a winter person.

I hate the cold - hate it a little more each year. I drive to work in the dark. I drive home in the dark, usually shivering all the way.

But even I have to admit there has not been all that much to complain about this winter.

The cold has not been unbearable, and there has been next to no snow.

I'll take it.

So bring on spring.

It's going to feel like it today. We are headed to a high in the mid-70s, once again approaching record territory.

In fact, we apparently just completed the warmest February on record. The average high temperature for the region in February was 44.2 degrees, that beats the old record of 42.2 set back in 1925.

We are going to pay a bit of a price for this warmth later this afternoon, when strong thunderstorms and high winds are expected to rumble across the region.

We'll then take a dip toward more seasonal cold weather for a few days, and even a chance at some snow showers on Friday. The weekend looks like it will be colder than these last few days, but that will be followed by another warmup to kick off the first full week of March.

And there are no big snowstorms on the horizon.

Hey, there's even still a glimmer of light when I slump out of the office at night.

Bring on Spring!

You can get the full forecast here.