Not just another press conference in Upper Darby

One of the habits you get in this job is noting dates and anniversaries.

But I have to admit I was taken aback early Thursday morning when I got a call from Upper Darby Police Superintendent Mike Chitwood. Now, a member of the media getting a call from Chitwood is not exactly breaking news. He is without question the most 'media friendly' law enforcement guy I've ever met in this racket. In other words, we love him.

So I wasn't surprised when he told me he was going to be holding a press conference Thursday afternoon. Actually, I did have to smirk just a bit at the time. Chitwood almost always holds his press conferences at 11 a.m. Only a true cynic (raise your hands all you news types) would suggest that is to make sure he gets on the noon news.

But yesterday that time was already booked by District Attorney Jack Whelan, who was announcing a laundry list of charges against a suspected serial rapist.

But I quickly stopped chuckling to myself when Chitwood told me why he was holding the press conference.

He was asked to by the family of Markia Benson. The name immediately registered. We covered the story extensively. She had been brutally beaten and murdered in her home in the Secane section of the township. The case remains unsolved.

But here's what I wasn't prepared for: Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of her death.

I couldn't believe it, had a year actually already gone by.

The family made a plea for anyone with information on the case to come forward, and also noted a new reward of $5,000 for information that could lead to Markia's killer.

You can read the story here.

On Sunday we will bring you the family's story, the ordeal they continue to live with every day, a year waiting for justice.