Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Putting a 'Dent' in health care debate

Are you still hoping that our elected representatives in Washington can put a "Dent" into the mess that Republicans made out of the health-care debate?

Well, you might be in luck.

Charlie Dent is a Republican who represents northeastern Pennsylvania in Congress.

Unlikely so many of his GOP counterparts, including Delco's own Rep. Pat Meehan, Dent did not hedge his bets when it came to the American Health Care Act.

He did not have to read any tea leaves. He did not consult and seers or soothsayers. Most important, he did not wait to see if this thing was actually ever going to go to a vote.

Dent went on the record before the House vote was delayed and before the bill was pulled by President Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan.

He would not support the bill, and he was not going to hide that fact.

He took some heat for his stand - especially from fellow Republicans. But it was the right thing to do, and a breath of fresh air in a town where too many people have been playing it safe.

We talk about Dent on today's editorial page.


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