So where's the snow?

So where's the snow?

I know it's early, what can I tell you, I'm an early riser.

But when I peered through the window with these bleary eyes first thing this morning, I saw about what I expected: Nothing. Yes, I know what we heard all day yesterday, all that stuff about a winter weather advisory and how it was going to start snowing last night, snow through the night and into this morning.

Not happening. At least not yet.

The breathless folks on TV who came on the air early to tell us that it is not snowing assure me that it is still coming. They say it should start snowing here between 5 and 6 a.m. Well it's now 5:30 and I have yet to see a flake.

I suppose there is still plenty of time for the snow to move in and create a little havoc for the morning rush.

I'm not going to hold my breath.

At any rate, it's not going to feel very spring-like. Our days in the 60s are gone. We'll struggle to do better than the mid-30s all weekend. And there is the chance of another storm next week.

You can get the forecast here.