StoneMor finds a partner

Call them the Odd Couple.

A lot of people were not happy when the Archdiocese of Philadelphia got in bed with the private firm StoneMor to run the operations at its cemeteries, including SS. Peter & Paul in Marple.

Among those most irked were local funeral directors, who said the private company was using misleading tactics in selling some of the services at the cemeteries.

StoneMor dismissed the complaints, saying the local guys simply did not like the competition.

Since then, StoneMor has struggled, including now facing a lawsuit from shareholders.

So news that broke yesterday that StoneMor is now partnering up with another company probably shouldn't comes as a surprise - except for who it is.

StoneMor announced an agreement with the well-known Donohue Funeral Home to provide funeral services for its customers in the archdiocese.

You can read the story here.