The Donald is Tweeting again

So much for looking presidential.

President Trump is tweeting again.

I took some heat last week when I lauded the tone President Trump took in his address to Congress.

A lot of people took me to task, saying that it was nothing more than an actor reading off a teleprompter.

I thought it might be the start of a different Trump, one who after a rough first month was beginning to grasp the enormity of the office and what it entails. I even penned an editorial on the possibility of a 'kinder, gentler Donald Trump.'

So much for that. This weekend while holed up down there at Mar-A-Lago in Florida, the president took to Twitter to claim - with absolutely no proof whatsoever, that President Obama had bugged his Trump Tower offices.

In case you - or the current resident of the Oval Office - don't realize it, that would be illegal. In other words, the current president is accusing his predecessor of breaking the law.

A spokesman for President Obama denied the claim.

As did most of those in a position to know.

President Trump now wants an investigation of the claims. Fine, let's do it, and while we're at it, let's get to the bottom of this Russian nonsense.

Maybe President Trump should just have his phone taken away.

He's apparently not happy with the amount of leaks coming from the White House and is livid about the fact that his team seems to trip all over themselves every time they try to get moving in the right direction.

Today he's expected to roll out his newly updated travel ban.

Should be fun.

What is not fun is the leader of the free world continuing to act like a loose cannon. This time his weapon is a phone and social media. It's not an especially comforting thought to realize this is the same man who holds the power to unleash the most powerful forces in the universe.


Anonymous said…
Phil I keep saying the man is not stable. That I knew when he was accusing President Obama of not being an american citizen. And now he proves it everyday in some way. What I can't understand is almost half of the country can't or won't see it. We are going to be damn lucky if we make it past this mad man. He has not been tested in anyway yet but he will be. That's the scary part. In his campaign he said he likes war. He said in that nicely written speach last week he wanted to heal the divide. But now going after such a beloved man like President Obama by the other half of americans is going to keep the divide alive and well. Next he'll go after Hilary like he said he might. I am so not proud of this country right now.