The downside to fixing Route 322

Call it the cloud that accompanies every silver lining.

I was struck by the reaction of many readers to news that after decades of talk, the state is finally starting work to fix what is often referred as the "Killer Conchester," the stretch of Route 322 that runs from I-95 in Chester to Route 1 in Concord.

Yes, most residents were relieved that this white-knuckle ride, which is still two lanes in a couple of sections despite the high volume of traffic and number of big rigs that rumble down that expanse every day.

Still, several readers sounded a couple of downbeat notes.

First, I talked to two older residents who took umbrage to tagging the route as the "Killer" Conchester. They wanted to point out that the Conchester doesn't kill anybody; reckless drivers usually do.

It's a little bit like the class gun-control argument, that guns don't kill people, people do.

The other lament was about what you'd expect.

While they welcome fixing Route 322, many readers openly shuddered at what traffic in this already clogged route is going to look like once they start shutting lanes down.

Actually, from the sounds of it, much of the work will be done in off-hours and will take place off the main route.

But, yes, I can imagine that there are going to be delays built into this two-year process.

Should do wonders for the long wait to get through that light at Cherrytree Road.

If that's not the worst traffic light in Delco, I'm not really sure what is.

Anyone have any other suggestions?