Friday, March 31, 2017

Time to 'reassess' education funding in Pa.

Maybe we should just send Delaware County Judge Charles Burr to Harrisburg to resolve the state's nagging problem with funding public education.

This week Burr relied on the "uniformity clause" to order a reassessment of every property in Delaware County. His thinking was pretty sound.

That clause in the state Constitution maintains that all properties be reviewed on an equal basis. That wasn't happening in Delaware County. New construction homes were being assessed at higher levels than older, existing homes.

It created an uneven playing field.

Now think about education funding in this state, in particular here in Delaware County. The folks at struggling districts such as William Penn know all about en uneven playing field.

Their kids for years have been penalized with a lesser education for no other reason than their zip code.

Maybe it's time to 'reassess' education funding in this state.

You can read our editorial here.


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