Your early a.m. roads report: There's debris everywhere


That's about the only word to describe what it's like out there this morning.

You've been hearing it all night, winds gusting as high as 40 mph have been raking the region in the overnight.

And the evidence is all over the road, everything from tree limbs to trash cans.

You can expect some delays for your morning commute, and a bit of a slalom course as you try to evade all the stuff scattered all over the roads.

There is a high warning in effect until 10 a.m.

Yes, it really as 70 degrees less than 24 hours ago.

We're now about to get a dose of early March reality, with colder temperatures and the chance of snow showers Friday morning.

But first, hang on to your hat, it's going to be a blustery morning.

You can get the full forecast here.