A chip off the old block

Forty days is longer than you think.

Especially when you have given up one of your favorite snack foods for Lent.

We spent Easter Sunday with our daughter, her husband, our son and his fiancee in D.C. Sunday.

I learned several things along the way.

I can't believe I am saying this, but the tiny town I grew up is for the most part just a memory.

When did Oxford become a metropolis?

Maybe it's because it was the Saturday before Easter, but I found myself sitting in traffic in my old hometown, wondering where all these cars came from. I guess that is one of the things that happens when Walmart comes to town, along with a big shopping center on the edge of town.

Things took a decided turn for the worse when we decided to duck into the Dunkin Donuts to grab a coffee for the ride home. In this instance drive-thru is a bit of a misnomer. Crawl thru is probably a better description. I spent 20 minutes in the drive-thru - and then they didn't get our order right. We actually had to send my wife's latte back because by the time we got up to the window it was ice cold. The replacement arrived with sugar. My wife was not happy.

I was still a bit in awe at what has happened to my home town.

I always drive through town on our way to picking up I-95 down in North East. But I barely recognized the sleepy little town I grew up in. On the way home, I did something I've never done before - I actually bypassed Oxford.

Maybe it's because I was in a hurry to get home.

And why might that be? Well, because I knew what was waiting for me when I got there.

Potato chips.

Yes, that most glorious snack food, and one that I have not enjoyed for the past 40 days of Lent.

I talk a little bit about Lent, giving things up and what I do for a living in today's print column, my weekly Letter From the Editor.

You might say it's a case of "chip happening."