Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A suggestion to RTM and Sunoco Logistics: No secrets on pipeline plans

On our editorial page today, we note that residents who are opposed to Sunoco Logistics' plans to construct a massive pipeline through their neighborhood are not going away.

Neither are their concerns.

Make no mistake. It almost a sure bet that Mariner East 2 - which will ferry hundreds of thousands of barrels of gases such as propane, butane and ethane across the entire width of Pennsylvania, from the Marcellus Shale regions to Marcus Hook - is going to be built.

It has a huge upside, the potential to be an economic blockbuster that could convert Marcus Hook into the energy hub of the entire Northeast U.S.

But it is not without serious concerns, for neighbors and property owners.

That's why the Rose Tree Media School District and Sunoco officials did not do themselves any favors by not allowing the media or members of the community to attend a recent "safe school summit" that focused on pipeline issues and the plan should something go wrong.

This project needs all the transparency it can get.

You can read our editorial here.


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