Cursing my fate as readers respond

In this job, I'm pretty used to fielding complaints.

But yesterday's response from a reader was a first.

I got a voice mail from a woman who wanted to take me to task for Monday's print column. In it I noted a couple of my foibles, including my secret vice, potato chips, which I gave up for Lent. That was a substitute for trying to refrain from cursing during those 40 days, which is pretty much a lost cause these days.

The woman who called said the way the column was presented in the paper, in which we used a photo of my old high school buddy Ed Herr, who just now happens to be the spokesman for his family's snack food empire, made it appear it was Ed who had the cursing problem.

Now I happen to know Ed. He is one of the most God-fearing businessmen I have ever encountered.

I assure anyone else who was under this impression that Ed does not share my penchant for a color vocabulary.

Chip happens? Yeah, I guess so, even when you're not even planning it that way.


Anonymous said…
This was one of your very humorous replys!! Loved it!