Featuring kids in a good light

Some kids are making headlines in Delaware County again.

For all the right reasons.

Let's face it. A lot of times when we focus on young people in the pages of our print edition, as well as on our website, it is not for the best of reasons.

I hear about it all the time. Why is there so much bad news in the Daily Times. And why are we always picking on young people, showing them at their worst.

I would point out two recent efforts that fly in the face of that theory.

First, last week we focused on a group of kids from Chester who were given a special, behind-the-scenes visit to Sun Center Studio, where they got a little "star-struck" with a visit from Philly native and comic genius Kevin Hart. He's there filming his new movie, 'Untouchable,' with Bryan Cranston. But the kids also got a valuable lesson from Sun Center execs on the hundreds of people - and jobs and careers - that are based at the studio. These are the people who work behind the cameras to make Hart and others look so good.

Then on Saturday, we focused on the kids at Springfield High School. As they have now done for the past 15 years, students bonded together to honor a beloved late teachers. Everybody loved Steve Stefani. Maybe that's why the Steve Stefani Dance Marathon has been so successful.

This year the kids raised more than $250,000 toward the fight against pediatric cancer.

That story also showed up on Page One.

And on today's editorial page.

Well done, kids.