Friday, April 14, 2017

Getting the guns

Everybody knows Chester has a problem with street violence.

It's not the only municipality in Delaware County with the problem, but it certainly does gather its share of headlines.

A big part of that problem is something else everybody knows: There are too many guns in Chester, in particular too many guns in the hands of people who are not legally allowed to possess them.

So how do they get them?

A big part of Chester's gun problem is something called the "straw purchase." That occurs when someone who can legally purchase a firearm does so with the intent of giving or selling it to someone who cannot legally buy one, usually because of a serious criminal background. That is why county and city officials are fighting hard to eradicate this particularly egregious problem.

Don't think they are taking this problem seriously.

You might want to talk to Vikki Towns-Perez. Of course to do so, you will have to visit her in Delaware County Prison. The mother of four is the latest to be facing serious jail time for a series of straw purchases of guns.

It's on our editorial page today.


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