Lessons in leadership ... at Lincoln University

They brought out the heavy hitters for yesterday's Delaware County Youth Leadership Academy at Neumann University.

Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan and County Council Vice Chairman Colleen Morrone were on hand to offer their young charges some important views of leadership in today's community.

Not sure why, but they also once again invited a certain newspaper editor. I hope I didn't bore the kids to death.

The three-day program gives high school sophomores across the county a chance to network and learn team building with various county and business leaders. One thing I can certainly suggest they NOT do. I discovered once I got back to the office that I had split the back of my pants. I am certainly hoping that occurred AFTER I got back from the conference, that I wasn't walking around all day with a less-than-pleasant rear-view mirror.

I can report that the county is in very good hands. I met some terrific kids. They're smart as whips and ready to go out there and lead. One thing I was dismayed at, however. I think it's a troubling sign of our times.

Only one student all day had an inkling why I consider it so important and such a seminal moment in my life that I attended classes for two years at Lincoln University outside my home town of Oxford.

Anyone want to fathom a guess as to why?

I can tell you this: I urged all those kids yesterday that if they ever get the opportunity to have this experiences they should grab it with both hands. I use the lessons I learned at Lincoln every day.

So why was it so important?


mike said…
alright mr. Harvey...where is the REST of this story?