Monday, April 24, 2017

Putting a positive focus on education

It's one of the very few weekends of the year where I hope absolutely nothing is going on.

No major crimes, no big fires.

No news?

Not exactly.

Yes, I understand it's a little odd for a newsman to be hoping for no news.

But that's always the case this one weekend of the year.

It's because this is the weekend when we devote much of our coverage to two very special stories.

The first, which appeared Sunday, is the selection of the All-Delco Hi-Q team.

Patterned on our very popular All-Delco high school sports teams, this squad looks to deliver a little much-needed attention to those kids who excel - not on the athletic field - but on the scholastic side of the ledger.

One player from each team that takes part in the annual Hi-Q Scholastic quiz competition is selected to represent his or her team on the All-Delco Hi-Q team.

It's our honor to give coverage to these great kids, literally our best and brightest.

Today we follow that up with the winners of this year Excellence in Teaching Awards.

Nineteen educators are nominated by their peers for this prestigious honor.

Both of these squads, along with all the kids who take part in Hi-Q, will be honored Thursday night at the Partners in Education Dinner at the Drexelbrook.

It's one of the best nights of the year.

I'll be there, looking to offer some positive press to kids who excel in the classroom, and the teachers who so inspire them. You can read about the Hi-Q kids here.

And the Excellence in Teaching Award winners here.


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