Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring fever arrives

Back when I was a kid in school, an 80 was nothing to write home about.

Of course, it helps if you were a product of parochial elementary schools, where we awaited with trepidation those numerical grades, with a 95 being high praise, an 80 being about a B, 70 a C, and below that - well, we don't really like to talk about that.

More then a few decades later, 80 takes on a whole new meaning.

Yes, we actually hit 80 degrees yesterday, on April 10. That was the official recording at the airport. Raise your hand if you think of George Carlin every time someone mentions the temperature at the airport. (Ask your parents, kids!). We apparently hit 80 just after 4 p.m. yesterday. Unfortunately, by the time I got home just before 7, some clouds had dimmed the sun and there was a touch of chill in the air. I had to settle for standing out on the deck, dreaming of dripping hot, humid summer nights.

Today looks to be even better, as we threaten records set back in 1887. The forecasters tell us we could threaten the mark of 84 degrees. Which means that we could be facing a serious case of spring fever.

You can get the full forecast here. Now where did I put those golf clubs?


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