The best-kept secret in Delaware County

The stars came out last week at the best-kept secret in Delaware County.

No, not comedian Kevin Hart and 'Breaking Bad' star Bryan Cranston.

Yes, there were bringing some decided Tinseltown glitter to Delaware County. But the real stars of the day were the star-struck kids who got a chance to visit the set where the Hollywood power duo were filming their upcoming movie 'Unbreakable.'

So where were they? Some ritzy manse on the Main Line? A bucolic, pastoral setting in Ridley Creek State Park? Did they have to shut down a section of Baltimore Pike to make some movie magic?


The kids were on the lot at Sun Center Studios, in a business park in Chester Township.

Yes, you read it right. Chester Township.

Sun Center Studios bosses Allen Lane and boss Jeff Rotwitt set up this special visit for a group of kids from Chester schools. Yes, they managed to get a little face time with local hero Hart.

But Lane and Rotwitt had another message for these young people - and really all of Delaware County.

Sun Center Studios holds with it some tantalizing possibilities. Not just the fact that people like M. Night Shyamalan routinely are now using it to film scenes, but that it could hold the key to something else - their future.

Rotwitt and Lane expressed to their young charges that there is a lot more to the movie business than the stars and what you see on the camera. There is a world of opportunity behind the camera as well.

Those kids left Sun Center last week with stars in their eyes - and a possible future in their heads.

We talk about perhaps the best-kept secret in Delaware County on today's editorial page.