The case against the Villa St. Joseph monsignor

I guess you can break out the anti-Catholic rap again.

Every time we write something that paints the church in a bad light, I get accused of being anti-Catholic. That does not bode well for today's news.

Another priest has run afoul of the law. This one comes with a twist.

Monsignor William Dombrow was the rector of Villa St. Joseph, the archdiocese retirement home for priests in Darby Borough.

Yesterday the monsignor was indicted by the feds, charged with stealing more than $500,000 - that's half a million bucks - from the archdiocese coffers.

But as usual it's the details that are especially troubling in this case.

Dombrow apparently had sole access to the books at the Villa.

What the feds allege he was doing in pocketing insurance payments as well gifts sent to the Villa in the name of deceased priests.

And what did he allegedly use the money for? Can you say casino? Yep, this whole thing came to light because of a string of payments to Harrah's Casino in Chester. The federal prosecutor in charge of the case says the monsignor used the money to fund a 'lavish lifestyle' for himself, including nice dinners out and evenings with the Philly Pops.

The feds allege this was going on for nine years before anyone caught on.

You can get all the details here.

Yep, I'm going to accused of being anti-Catholic today.


Momkat said…
Dear Phil: this reader agrees with you 100%. It is no wonder the church is losing its parishioners. Priests think nothing of turning their collar around doing as they please. These same men will stand at the pulpit next Sunday and beg for funds for their church. Sad situation.