The face of an angel - & his encounter with pure evil

I've been doing this job a long time.

I'm not supposed to react emotionally to stories. I've seen and read just about everything. I learned pretty early that you can't react to every horrific story you cover. Those that do usually don't last that long in this racket.

We cover a lot of very sad, very emotional stories.

Then there is the story of little Scotty McMillan.

We had reason to revisit the saga of the 3-year-old redhead from Chester County with the cherubic face this week.

We also revisited two other faces in the case. You might call them the faces of pure evil.

Scotty's biological mother, Jillian Tate, was in court to enter a guilty plea in her son's beating death. She is expected to testify against her boyfriend.

The word's "beating death" don't begin to relay what these two did to this poor child.

It's simply unimaginable.

I thought I had been repulsed by stories over the last four decades. Then I read what these two are accused of doing to Scotty McMillan. If makes you wonder what can possibly drive people to this kind of savagery.

It's not human.

Some days in this job, you just have to shake your head.