The Joseph Chambers story

Forget life imitating art.

Sunday we noted a case of life imitating life.

That would be our lead story on Joseph Chambers. A few years back, the Ridley teen made headlines when he helped pull a Philadelphia police officer from his burning police cruiser.

It garnered a lot of attention and got Chambers and the officer a spot on the 'Ellen DeGeneres Show.'

For Chambers, it was just an opportunity to do the right thing, something he says he learned from his parents.

It also provided him with an opportunity to achieve his dream. It's probably not an accident that Chambers sprang into action when he saw that police car in flames. After all, his dream was to be driving one of those cruisers.

Just a few years later, Chambers' dream is reality.

He is serving as a police officer in two different Delaware County towns.

Staff writer Rose Quinn caught up with Chambers to deliver a great story Sunday - a case of 'life imitating life.

You can read the full story here.