Two new pages for our readers

This blog item is only two days late, so please accept my apologies.

I received a call from a faithful reader, a longtime subscriber who holds dear some pages I have to admit I don't pay all that close attention to - the comics and other features pages.

I have to admit up front I am not a crossword guy. Yes, I know I work with words every day. But the crossword simply has never held any allure for me.

I also can admit that the next comic I read will be the first.

But I am not foolish enough not to realize how important these features pages are to our readers.

That's why Ruth was calling again this week. She always lets me know when the technology we swim in blows up in our faces, allowing such mortal sins as producing a Sunday paper with the beloved Sudoko puzzle.

This week Ruth wanted to alert me that a couple of her favorite features had been botched.

She noted that we moved the Today in History from its usual spot on the Advice page, along with Dear Abby and the Horoscopes, to a new page. And we had replaced it on the Advice page with our daily Trivia column, which usually appears on our Community News page.

Actually, those aren't mistakes. They are designed that way. We are shuffling these pages just a bit, creating a new Spotlight page, which will contain the celebrity items I know that readers crave, as well as the Today in History and the Celebrity Birthdays. Advice will now be home to the Trivia page.

That means we will have even more space for those important community news items.

We're also adding a third new page, a condensed, in-brief look at the top national and international news.

We don't do this to confuse readers. We do it to make the print edition better, and easier to use for our readers. We realize a lot of people still love the daily print edition, the quaint notion of holding this dear piece of parchment in their hands.

I hope you enjoy these new pages.

Sorry about the confusion, Ruth.