The real challenge for Delco Dems

It's getting pretty crowded as Democrats line up to challenge U.S. Rep. Pat Meehan.

No less than five candidates are looking to tangle with the Republican incumbent.

Now comes word that state Rep. Daylin Leach, D-17, who represents parts of Radnor and Haverford here in Delco, is considering getting into the race. Leach, who has a penchant for making headlines, such as his bombastic social media outbursts in which he took on President Trump, has been down this road once before. He finished a distant third in a four-way primary for the Demo nod in Montgomery County's 13th Congressional District in 2014.

Last week Gov. Ed Rendell endorsed Philly ward leader Dan Muroff for the Dems candidate to face Meehan. Drew McGinty, also of Philly, and Elizabeth Moro, of Kennett Square in Chester County, also are in the race.

This is all part of the Trump Effect, looking to capitalize on the resistance that has sprung up in the wake of Trump's election and growing outrage at some of the Republican actions since, including the push to repeal the Affordable Care Act and some very controversial immigration measures.

Meehan's office was the target of weekly protests in the lead-up to the crucial vote to repeal Obamacare and replace it with the GOP's version, the American Health Care Act.

And although he indicated he would have opposed the initial Republican plan, and actually did vote against the final version, he was blasted by Democrats for voting in favor of moving the original bill out of the House Ways and Means Committee.

We indicated in our Sunday editorial that the Trump Effect did not exactly push overwhelming numbers of voters to the poll in last week's off-year municipal primary. Only about 13 percent of eligible voters took part.

But there were some numbers that stood out. In particular, for one of the first times in memory, Democrats managed to get as many, and in some cases more voters to the polls in Delaware County than their GOP counterparts.

It was not that long ago that turnout along those lines would have been unheard of.

Democratic Party Chairman David Landau sees it as part of the county's changing landscape. Republican leader Andy Reilly doesn't seem terribly concerned, noting this happens in most off-year elections.

What Delco Democrats really need to do to make some waves is capture one of the jobs in the county courthouse.

It's too bad Leach does not live in Delco. His name recognition is something Democrats desperately need in the race for two seats on county council, let alone a judgeship or row offices.

Quick, name me one of the Dem candidates for County Council. Thought so.

Besides, I'm hearing the Dems might find themselves in need of a council candidate.

Democrats have made great strides in the county. They are now the dominant party in terms of voter registration. They have gotten used to the taste of victory in statewide and national races. They proved last week they can match the GOP turnout, even if only in a decidedly low-wattage municipal primary. The challenge now is to pierce the iron grip the local GOP continues to hold on the County Courthouse.

I'll believe it when I see it.


Rosaletta said…
Hooray for the Delco Democrats. The elephant in the room is the ole McClure machine that still runs the Court House. Twelve judges in Court of Common Pleas and all belong to the invisible but lethal McClure Machine, every single one of them are Republicans. Go to "Gavel Bangers" on the Internet and see what the constituents have to say about collusion in their local Courts. Many of us vowed that everyone of the Republicans are going to pay for Donald Trump in the White House, EVERYONE of them!