God give me patience - please

Patience is not a trait I have in abundance.

Just ask anyone in the building who run and cover their ears during one of my regularly scheduled 'eruptions.'

One of the very few things I can recommend about the insane schedule I work is that during my early-morning commute I pretty much have the roads to myself.

That's a good thing.

This morning I was running late.

All I can say is that if I had to deal with drivers like this first thing in the morning every day, it would not be pretty. Start with the weather. It remains miserable. I ran out of the house in a light drizzle. Once I got out on the road I realized I would have a bigger problem - fog.

The closer I got to Delaware County, the heavier it got.

But even that was not the bane of my existence this morning.

As I got over into the right-hand lane to make the turn onto Route 352 out in Westtown, I noticed a trash truck getting ready to pull into the same lane up ahead. For a minute I considered gunning it and trying to pull around him. I wish I had.

This is not the trash truck driver's fault. It's mine.

Let's just say I was doing a slow boil all the way to the intersection with Route 452. He was probably doing the speed limit on the road, which of course almost no one else does.

Hey, at least I had company. A quick glance in the rear-view mirror showed a long line of cars also creeping along, probably doing the same burn I was experiencing.

I made it to the office. Yes, I'm late. But I'm intact. Life goes on.

Someday I will learn the art of patience.

I wouldn't be on it being anytime soon.