Make your voice count in the spring primary

Don't make the mistake of thinking there is nothing at stake in the upcoming spring primary.

No, it won't have the "sizzle" of a presidential race.

But it will have a lot of very important local races.

And if you live in Swarthmore, you will be deciding whether or not the town should enter the world of alcohol sales. Right now the only place you can buy a drink is at the new Inn at Swarthmore owned by Swarthmore College. A referendum on the primary ballot would end the prohibition of Swarthmore as a "dry" town.

There are also three very competitive races for magisterial district judge.

Keep in mind that these candidates often file for both parties nominations. The idea is that if they can win on both ballots, they in effect will be unopposed in November, aside from a possible write-in campaign.

In other words, if you don't vote in the primary, you may not have a voice at all in these important positions.

We ran down the entire local ballot in the Sunday paper.

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