Pat Meehan remains a 'no' vote on GOP health-care plan

Pat Meehan says he hasn't changed his mind.

We're about to find out.

The U.S. House is now expected to vote on the latest version of the Republican health care plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

GOP leaders in D.C. have been furiously tweaking the bill in an attempt to lure moderates such as Meehan - who have been opposed to the plan - back into the fold.

Meehan specifically said he had problems with provisions in the bill that would create serious problems for those with pre-existing conditions. Many believe language that would allow states to opt out of required coverage would either leave some without coverage at all, or face huge spikes in their health-care costs.

Republicans say they are putting $8 billion to set up a fund to help offset those costs.

Yesterday, those opposed to the GOP's so-called American Health Care Act, once again rallied outside Meehan's Springfield office. But this time they were there to thank him for his opposition.

So far we have not gotten any indication from the representative that the tweaks of the bill have changed his mind. He said he would vote against it.

This morning we'll find out if he - as well as Chester County Rep. Ryan Costello - will stick with that position or fall in line with President Trump and their GOP brethren.

A vote is expected this morning.

We'll bring you all the details - as well as how Meehan voted, and why.

Stay tuned.