Philly is the real winner of NFL Draft

The results are in.

Forget Derek Barnett.

Don't worry about the fact that the Eagles' 2nd round pick, standout cornerback Sidney Jones, can't walk, courtesy of a bum Achilles tendon. The grades are in for this draft - and the winner is us.

Philly fans showed the world what passion means.

The Eagles have not gotten a sniff of the playoffs in years, haven't won a playoff game for even longer.

But bring the NFL Draft to town and the fans turn out in throngs.

NFL officials say the 250,000 people who took part in that little party on the Parkway set an all-time mark. Boosted by beautiful weather, fans soaked up what was referred to as "NFL Experience."

Yes, we booed NFL boss Roger Goodell.

Yes, we booed every pick or mention of the Dallas Cowboys.

You were expecting something else?

But an interesting thing popped up in the aftermath of the draft, as city crews started the monster process of tearing down the stage and cleaning up the area.

It came from Philly police and may have been the most impressive stat of the entire weekend.

Officers did not make a single arrest tied to the draft.

Zero. None.

It matches the Eagles' playoff presence in the last few years.

But this one we'll gladly accept as the latest proof that no city handles big, world-class events quite like Philly.

The pope? No problem.

A throng of Democrats? Bring it on.

Now the NFL Draft.

Can the Super Bowl be far behind? Don't laugh. That idea, along with a Major League Baseball All-Star game, actually is being talked about by none other than former governor, mayor and Philly super fan Ed Rendell.

For now, we'll take a winning record and a trip to the playofffs.

Are you listening, Howie?