Push on again to take back Chester streets

It's going to be an interesting day in the city of Chester.

Once again the city finds itself swimming upstream in its war on random street violence and the wave of guns on city streets.

This comes at the same time more and more residents are concerned about a perceived lack of manpower and police patrols.

Making matters even worse were rumors this week that the city's precarious finances might spark a new round of layoffs in the police department.

Yeah, I know, it's kind of hard to even reconcile the notion of laying off police in a city with the kinds of problems Chester faces every day.

Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland tried to put those rumors to bed yesterday, declaring there would be no layoffs. A series of day-long meetings between city officials and police officers. Kirkland said layoffs are not on the table and instead the meetings were a way to try to get more cops on the streets after a weekend when it appeared that only four officers were on duty.

The good news is that help is on the way.

District Attorney Jack Whelan is expected to join city officials for a press conference this afternoon. Most people believe they will announce an agreement to expand the use of Pennsylvania State Police in patrolling city streets.

We'll give you the details as soon as we get them.