The ability - or inability - to be presidential

When Mitch McConnell starts saying we could use "less drama" in the White House, you know you have a problem.

It's becoming increasingly clear - even to some in the GOP - that there is a problem with Donald Trump.

The problem is that he seems incapable of acting presidential.

Maybe that's the new normal. Maybe we're all just going to have to adjust, get used to this new style of leadership. The problem is that this is not leadership. It's reality TV.

And that's unfortunate when instead of dismissing hopeful apprentices, you are dismissing the director of the FBI, and the man who is heading one of the probes into your administration.

President Trump remained true to his track record early yesterday, lashing out on his favorite method of communication - Twitter - to bash the appointment of a special counsel to head the various probes into Russian meddling in the U.S. elections.

Trump ranted that it is a "witch hunt."

Yeah, that's real presidential.

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