Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The numbers tell the story in Eddystone

There have been some staggering numbers recently as we chronicle the toll of heroin and opioids on Delaware County, the region and nation.

Yes, we trumpeted news about a week ago that Delaware County is No. 1 in lives saved by use of the overdose-reversing drug Naloxone.

Since David's Law - named for Delaware County resident David Massi and which helped put the life-saving drug in the hands of police and first responders - the drug has been used to save 545 lives.

But those aren't the most impressive numbers we encountered this weekend when it comes to the heroin battle.

That would instead be the nearly 7,000 people who descended on Eddystone to take part in the annual heroin awareness walk.

That is not a typo. That's how many showed up in the tiny burg.

Everyone there had a story to tell, some of them incredibly sad, all of them brave.

It unfortunately tells you just how big a toll this issue is actually taking on society.

It also offers hope that people are finally becoming fully aware of the dangers of opioids and heroin.

You can read the editorial here.


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