The witching hour for the White House

We're going to have to start calling it the witching hour for the Trump Administration.

Every day this week, right on schedule about 5:30 p.m., a new bombshell has landed on the White House.

Monday it was word that the president had revealed highly classified information to Russian officials during a visit in the Oval Office at which the U.S. media was banned, but Russian media was not.

Tuesday right on schedule was the report from the New York Times that ousted FBI Director James Comey had a memo in which he suggested Trump had asked him to end the investigation into fired national security adviser Michael Flynn and his connections to the Russians.

And just like clockwork, Wednesday saw word arrive that a special counsel has been appointed to lead the investigation into possible Russian tampering with the U.S. election.

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller was named to the post, and was greeted with near unanimous praise from both sides of the aisle.

Delaware County U.S. Rep. Michael Meehan offered the following statement after Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced the appointment of Mueller:

“Bob Mueller is a man of integrity and I have every confidence he will pursue this investigation and follow the facts, wherever they lead him,” Meehan said. “His appointment as special counsel should give the American people confidence that the investigation into Russia’s activities surrounding the 2016 election will be conducted thoroughly and free of political influence. I applaud Deputy Attorney Rosenstein’s decision,” said Meehan.

Meehan is very familiar with Mueller. Both are former U.S. attorneys. And Meehan worked closely with Mueller in the Justice Department during Mueller’s tenure as Director of the FBI.

You just wonder what will be coming today?

Something else to take note of: The gleam from Wall Street may be coming off Trump. Yesterday the markets were in a freefall, plunging 370 points.

The fear is that Trump may be so preoccupied with the Russian investigation that his policies - including that major reform of the tax structure, which the business world loves - is going nowhere.

Keep an eye on that 401k today.