Today's Trump update: He still doesn't get it

Yesterday I wrote in this space about my increasing concerns about President Trump, his seeming unfamiliarity with some of the basic tenets of the presidency.

This is no longer about who won the Electoral College, who got more votes, who drew a larger crowd to the streets of the nation's capital for the inauguration, or even who is going to pay for that wall on the Mexican border.

Donald Trump won. He's the 45th president. I want him - and the country - to do well.

I know most people will disagree with that. They will say I am merely parroting the liberal line against anything Republican and anything Trump.

Yesterday morning I used an old sport analogy to describe the rocky Trump presidency: He doesn't know what he doesn't know. A few hours later, the Washington Post reported that Trump had revealed highly classified information about a terror plot in the Mideast while chatting with Russian diplomats in the Oval Office last week.

You remember this session. It was the one where Trump barred all U.S. media, but allowed some Russian media types, only to learn one of the photographers was with Tass and be faced with photos of a beaming president making nice with the Russians, yes those folks about whom so much is being conjectured in terms of the Trump campaign. The president's people said they were misled about the Russian media members. Of course all of that could have been avoided if Trump had merely allowed the U.S. media in as well.

Last night Trump sent out his National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster to read a terse statement in which the administration denied the report. But they did it in an odd way. They denied something the story did not say - that the president shared sources and methods of intelligence gathering.

Just more fake news, right?

The story merely indicated he talked about classified information concerning a terror plot involving the Islamic State.

Not that it matters anyhow. The president has the right to unclassify information any time he wants.

But it's ironic considering how much time Trump spent on the campaign trail blistering Hillary Clinton for being "careless" with the so-called classified information contained in those much-talked about emails.

You almost shudder as to what the disclosure about this White House will be today.

Comments said…
Considering what he did in the Oval Office one has to wonder what he will say, do or tweet while is making his rounds with our allies.
Sean Spicer said…
Why will most people disagree with this stance? Do Republican voters have their heads that far up their ass? Of course they do if they still stand by this idiot president.