Who are the Dem candidates for County Council?

Yesterday I used this space to talk about some of the gains made by Democrats in the May 16 Primary Election.

Yes, I know that only about 13 percent of eligible voters made their way to the polls here in Delco.

But it was hard to ignore the fact that for one of the first times in memory, Democrats actually got as many or in some instances more people to the polls than the vaunted Delco GOP.

In the statewide judicial races, Democrats outpolled Republicans here in Delco.

And in the county row offices, Dems were running neck and neck with the votes tallied by their Republican counterparts.

In the County Council race, the results were not quite as close.

The Republican tandem of incumbent Councilman Dave White and John Perfetti clearly drew more voters than their Democrat counterparts, Brian Zidek and Jennifer Leith.

White led all vote getters in the unofficial tally, with 23,481 votes. He was followed by his running mate John Perfetti, with 23,115. Dems trailed, with Zidek getting 20,028 Democratic votes and Jennifer Leith tallying 17,387.

The race now moves to the general election in November.

At least some of them will.

More than 17,000 Democrats cast a ballot for Leith in the Primary. There's only one problem with that. She may not be one of the two Dems on the ballot in November.

According to the Democrats' own website, Kevin Madden, a successful businessman and Media native, is now Zidek's running mate. He now lives in Haverford.

There's also a Facebook page that proclaims "Zidek-Madden: Democrats for Delaware County Council."

When exactly this change took place no one is saying.

When we asked Democratic Chairman David Landau about it, he would say only that officially Leith is still the Dems' candidate. Apparently no one bothered to tell the person handling the party's website.

The deadline to make a change and have Leith taken off the ballot was March 22. The primary was May 16. I think people would be interested in knowing when this change of heart took place, if in fact it actually did.

I'm not exactly sure of the political process involved in how you go about making a change to a listed candidate. Usually it involves a party vacancy board meeting and selecting a new candidate once a candidate withdraws. It's not clear if Leith has officially withdrawn as yet.

What I know is that 17,387 people voted for her as their Democratic candidate for County Council. And it's becoming increasingly clear that she likely will not be on the November ballot.

So how about it, Dems? Who are your candidates for County Council?