World's worst weather, 365 days a year

I used to joke about creating a new slogan for Pennsylvania:

"Welcome to Pennsylvania, world's worst weather, 365 days a year!"

I'm not joking anymore.

Look, I know I'm a bit of an oddity. I like it hot - and humid. In fact, the thicker, the warmer the air, the more I like it. I managed to survive another winter.

I'm not so sure about this spring.

Yes, we did get one three-day burst of heat and humidity.

But ever since we've been in the dark - literally. Sunshine has been pretty much a rumor. Clouds and showers are the rule of the day.

Don't look at the five-day forecast. It's more of the same.

There's a chance of showers just about every day right. The only bright spot looks like Saturday, when we might get a full dose of sun.

Better get your holiday activities and barbecues in then, because it looks like we're back to clouds and a chance of showers again Sunday and the holiday on Monday.

And not a sniff of 80-degree temperatures until Monday, when we might squeak by at 81.

Like I said, world's worst weather, 365 days a year.

Anyone disagree?