35 years in one place? Yep, it's a rarity

Maybe it's a generational thing.

My kids are always fascinated by the fact that I have worked at the same place for 35 years.

In fact, before we moved our offices last summer, they were astounded that I literally walked into the same building every day for 34 years.

Young people today don't have any such expectation. Not only do they not expect to stay in one place all that long (both of my children already have had several jobs, even if in the same field), unlike their elders they see nothing wrong with it.

Maybe that's why I've stayed at one place for 35 years.

That's one of many things that came rushing back to me last week as I tallied up 35 years in the news racket.

I talk a bit about what I do for a living - and the earth-shaking changes that have rattled the industry, and those who work in it - in today's print column, my weekly Letter From the Editor.

Oh, and there's a bonus. You can hear the story of the best headline I've ever written - and one that never appeared in the Daily Times.