Comey TV: What it tells us about Trump

James Comey thinks the president of the United States is a liar.

And the former FBI boss says he was fired because of the way he was handling the Russia investigation.

Donald Trump, at least in the words of his high-priced private lawyer, believes he was vindicated by Comey's riveting day of testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Thankfully, his staff managed to convince the president to stay off Twitter during Comey's testimony. It no doubt galls the former reality TV show host to see the ratings garnered by the man he fired.

The president's lawyer held a press conference after the televised session that gripped the nation to point out that Comey testified that Trump was not the target of an FBI investigation, and that the president never told his FBI director to end the Russia investigation. But I'm kind of interested in something the Trump team - including the president - did not say.

Does anyone ever remember anyone asking if the president asked how we go about preventing this kind of Russian meddling in our election process again.

Aside from the political posturing of both sides in trying to score political points from yesterday's hearing, a couple of things became crystal clear: The Russians did indeed interfere with our election process, and they will try to do it again.

But that does not seem to concern the president all that much, at least not that he has indicated.

And it only confirms one of the things I have thought about Trump for some time now.

He's not running the country. He still thinks he's running his company.

It's all about him. Whatever Donald wants, Donald gets. And if he doesn't, well, 'You're fired."

He wants loyalty from those around him.

To him, not the Constitution.

When he didn't get it from his FBI director, who seemed to favor standing up for citizens and the Constitution, he was gone. Trump is an autocrat. He's now running the country the way he ran his real estate empire.

He came to Washington as an outsider promising to drain the swamp.

But he has no clue about how the swamp works.

That is why he has been spinning his wheels in the muck since the day he was inaugurated

. He doesn't realize that back channels with the Russians are not the way things get done in the Intelligence community.

He had no clue that health care "could be so complicated."

He's frustrated that his ambitious agenda is going nowhere while various investigations into his campaign's ties to Russia continue. He can't make it all go away with a shrill command.

Except for James Comey, who as FBI director served at the will of the president.

In this case, Trump returned to his reality TV persona, and showed Comey the door.

Trump doesn't understand the workings of Washington and the presidency.

To him it's personal - and business.

Drain the swamp? He seems like he's drowning in it.


Mannequin said…
I cannot believe that I spent three minutes reading this blog that is filled with opinions without basis. President Trump should expect and demand loyalty. It is how one builds a Dream Team that can Make America Great Again.
Congress is filled with corruption. How else do they all become multi-millionaires while in office, if not for accepting bribes from lobbyists? President Trump needs to eradicate lobbyists. And he will.
Even those who are blind have seen the tremendous stack of rules and regulations of Obamacare. Even those who are deaf heard Nancy Pelosi's idiotic and unacceptable statement that "we have to pass it to know what's in it". Obamacare will not go away in a day since it was instituted seven years ago.
President Trump wanted to keep Comey due to the respect for the appointed ten year term of the FBI Director. However, Comey wanted to run the FBI by his own set of rules. FBI Agents detested their boss. Comey was a horrible example of a leader. In fact, he is a "leaker". We can anticipate an investigation into Comey's dealings, especially in his decision not to prosecute HRC. Loretta Lynch was hung by Comey's testimony. She also needs to be investigated.
The sickly, smelly Swamp is treacherous and as deep as it is wide. It will not be drained overnight. But, it will be done. We are living in dangerous times. More evil exists now than ever before. President Trump is this nation's saving grace. Let it be so written.