Cosby on trial

I'm having trouble getting all that worked up about the trial of Bill Cosby.

We know most of the details now. America's dad - Cliff Huxtable - was charged with sexual assault. The Cos, one of the most famous faces in America, says it was consensual.

What he doesn't say is it didn't happen, only that a crime was not committed.

The case is now in the hands of a Montgomery County jury.

Another icon has fallen.

The one thing I was interested in was answered yesterday. I wondered why his long-suffering wife, Camille, had not yet showed up in court, while any number of celebrities and other stars accompanied her husband to court, including some of his co-stars from 'The Cosby Show.'

Camille Cosby showed up yesterday to see his defense consist of one witness and a 90-minute closing from his defense team, which cast his accuser, Andrea Constand, as a liar.

There could be a verdict today. You can get all the details on the closing arguments here.

Actually, the verdict is already in, even if it does not come in a court of law.

Bill Cosby, accused by dozens of women of inappropriate contact, is a dirty old man.