Cost of education? High; Jack Hontz? Priceless

It's easy to be critical of public education these days.

It's expensive. Taxes are constantly going up.

Then you meet someone like Jack Hontz.

And you realize what he means to schools, children, families and communities is priceless.

And when he's suddenly snatched away, you are dumbfounded at what you've lost.

Today they continue to mourn the loss of a very special man in the Wallingford-Swarthmore community.

On today's editorial page, we pay homage to Jack Hontz.


Dawn Dankanich said…
Nice article! All three of my children participated in Strath Haven's marching band as I did at Ridley. I also was one of the many band parents that helped support the band at many away and home games. The question I received repeatedly at away games during during halftime performances was "Are Strath Haven students required to be in band?" After a chuckled response "no" as the 420 members of the SHHS marching band took the field. Much to my children's chagrin, I enjoyed blasting YouTube videos of the band's drum cadence throughout the house the week leading up to band camp! He is sadly missed by our community.