Familiar face helps 'The Hook' celebrate 125

Yes, that was a very familiar face leading the cheers at Saturday's big celebration as Marcus Hook turned 125.

Perhaps no one knows the Hook better than former mayor and U.S. Congressman Curt Weldon.

The favorite son proved you can go home again, but in reality Weldon has never really left the town where he served as fire chief and mayor.

"The people of Marcus Hook are the strength of Marcus Hook," Weldon told those gathered to mark the special occasion. "The success of Marcus Hook is not based on refineries or roads or piers or buildings; it's

based on our people."

Weldon reminded us of something that most people in Delaware County already know.

The people of 'The Hook' are a special breed.

"If you were born in the Hook, you're are part of a special group," Weldon said. "It's like being in the Marine Corps, When you're in the Marine Corps, you're part of the team. When you[re born in the Hook, other people can say things about, but we are special people."

Weldon noted that perhaps no town has had a bigger effect on the nation's economy per capita than his hometown on the Delaware River.

"The success of these plans and these refineries is not because of the politicians, it's not because of of bureaucrats, it's because of the people in these towns who have put up and dealt with the problems that these industries bring when they come to town.

"We didn't measure our wealth by whether you had a car or whether we had a big bank account ... we measure our wealth by what we had as a family. That's the strength of the people of Marcus Hook."

Well said, Curt.

The guy would make a pretty good politician some day.

And happy 125th, Marcus Hook!