Heating up my back yard 'Rotation'

Go ahead and hate me.

I actually like this weather.

The hotter, the more humid it is, the more I like it.

This is the first weekend that truly got me into my 'summer' mode.

This is what my Sunday was like.

As usual I was up early working online and setting up our website.

Then, right after the sun came up, I decided to get out and do some weeding. It was gorgeous, the sun nice warming things up, but not yet too hot to work in the yard.

After my wife and I took our morning ritual, walking the path in our development, and a quick jaunt to Mass, I started what I call 'The Rotation.'

It starts on the deck with the Sunday paper, basking in the morning sun. When that got a tad too hot, I retreated to the patio under the deck, which is in the shade. Then I meandered out into the yard and parked it in the adirondacks for while. Then my wife joined me for a little sun on our chaise lounges.

That's correct, I have no less than five different "stops" I make on this rotation around the back yard.

And, of course, I ended the day with a nice cup of coffee on the front porch, where I can catch the last few glimmers of sun for the day.

Today they are saying we will push the record. High is expected to be 92. And it is going to be even hotter tomorrow.

Bring it on!

Go ahead and hate me.

You can check out the full forecast here.