I'm still in Tiger's corner

I have one sports wish for this summer.

It does not involve the Phillies. I think they've beyond the 'wish' list. They're now on the critical list.

And it doesn't center on Carson Wentz and the Eagles. They can wait until the fall.

So what do I want.

I want to see Tiger Woods win another tournament on the PGA Tour.

That's right. I'm still in Tiger's corner. I love the guy.

I also love golf, even if I almost never seem to actually play anymore.

Don't hold your breath waiting for me to gloat over Tiger's downfall.

Yes, it's very hard to look at the mug shot of the disheveled former golf god after that recent DUI arrest. The video of one of the world's premier athletes trying to take a roadside impairment test is even worse. I don't really think I needed to see that.

But let me ask you this, especially if you are a golf fan: Don't you miss Tiger.

Every weekend, there is a golf tournament on TV. Sometimes I click on it and check out swings I'll never be able to make and courses I'll never be able to play.

But it's different. It's just golf. Just another tournament.

When Tiger was on the leaderboard on Sunday afternoon, it was en event.

It was impossible to look away.

I miss that.

I don't miss all the tawdry stories of his womanizing, his myriad back problems, and his latest DUI travails.

I miss Tiger on Sunday afternoon.

He was riveting.

And I for one hope I get to see that again someday.