Is it open season on people with disabilities?

Is it suddenly open season on people with disabilities?

First it was the vicious attack on a man with cerebral palsy outside a convenience store in West Chester. A surveillance video clearly shows a man first taunting a customer by mocking the way he walked. But the guy wasn't done. When the man came back out of the store, the abuse actually escalated.

For some unknown reason, the guy hauls off and sucker punches this poor man right in the jaw.

Barry Baker was charged in the incident that went viral courtesy of the Internet.

Then he dropped out of sight, failing to show up for a court hearing on another matter.

Baker was finally taken into custody Monday. You can get all the details here.

Now there is another disturbing video of an attack on a person with a disability.

This one takes place in Philly, where a teen is captured on video viciously slugging a handicapped man.

The hunt is now on for the teen.

What does it say about us that people don't even think twice about mocking and attacking those who clearly are dealing with physical limitations.

And when are people going to realize that much of our lives is now being captured on videotape. That includes just about every time you walk in and out of a convenience store.

Some days, you just shake your head.