Keeping guns away from those who hate

We seem to be swimming in hate.

That seemed evident in the screeds and rantings left behind by James Hodgkinson. He's the Left-leaning zealot who professed hatred for Donald Trump and Republicans before opening fire on a group of GOP congressmen as they held baseball practice on a field in Alexandra, Va.

How to attack this kind of hate is debatable.

What should not be - again - is that people with that kind of hair-trigger temperament probably should not have access to guns. Sen. Robert Casey was in the area this week to again push legislation, the Disarm Hate Act, that would ban anyone convicted of a misdemeanor hate crime from buying or possessing a gun.

Would it have prevented Hodgkinson from going over the edge and deciding to use Republicans as target practice. Maybe not.

But we still feel it's a good idea.

Dealing with hate is likely going to take a little longer.

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