Nothing fair about funding in William Penn

Well, it looks like they will be the budget deadline in Harrisburg.

Legislators have a deal in place on a $32 billion spending plan. It passed the Senate Appropriations Committee last night and likely will be voted on by both the House and Senate today. The state must have a new budget in place by midnight.

The budget is not likely to help the situation in William Penn.

This week they passed another budget in the beleaguered district. They managed to avert more draconian cuts, including taking an ax to sports and extracurricular activities. Yes, that was under consideration, ironically enough on the same day a Penn Wood High track star, Dennis Manyeah, graced the Back Page of the Daily Times as our Boys Track Athlete of the Year.

They are used to this in William Penn.

They have been playing on an unbalanced playing field in terms of education funding for years.

It is only a reminder that, when it comes to funding our schools, there really is no such thing as a Fair Funding Formula. At least not yet.

You can read out editorial here.