Road rage turns into fatal shooting

It can be fairly said I'm not the most patient person in the room.

Yes, I have a short fuse.

That is a dangerous thing. Just ask anyone who works in the same office with me.

But once again this morning I am reminded that is not a good thing, especially when you are behind the wheel of a car.

I am reminded again this morning that you really don't know who is out there on the road, and what they are capable of.

That is what I thought as I tried to get my hands around word that broke late last night that road rage victim Bianca Roberson was not simply run off the road in a road rage incident.

Chester County D.A. Tom Hogan last night announced the shocking news that she had been shot by a man in a red pickup as they jostled for position on Route 100 in West Goshen.

He fired one shot directly into her head, killing her instantly.

Then he fled the scene.

The manhunt for him is on, while Roberson's family hunts for answers in a truly senseless killing.

And for the rest of us, perhaps a reminder. Take a deep breath. Don't raise your voice. Don't spark a confrontation. You really don't know who is out there, and what they are capable of doing.

Here's the latest on the story.