The heroin scourge just got worse

It's worse than we thought.

We thought the heroin crisis hit a new low last week when Upper Darby police responded to no less than six overdose victims in one day, including a mother and father whose plight became known when their children, age 1 and 4, went to a window and screamed for help.

It got worse over the weekend.

Upper Darby police say they responded to six more overdoses.

Here's a quick recap of what the township has faced in just the first six days of June: 35 overdose victims have been revived by police and first responders using Narcan. Unfortunately, the township also recorded two fatalities.

Top Cop Mike Chitwood has seen a lot in his long police career.

But he says he's never seen anything like this current heroin scourge.

"This is the worst I've seen and it's just a snapshot of how bad the problem is," Chitwood said.

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