Time for new ideas in heroin war

It's a depressing question.

But I think it's one that needs to be asked.

It came to me after reading our latest update on the heroin battle here in Delaware County. Let's just say the numbers aren't good. In fact, they are so bad I was left with this question:

Are we losing the war on heroin?

Mike Chitwood has seen a few things in his five careers in law enforcement. But even this grizzled, veteran cop says he's never seen anything like this new heroin epidemic.

One thing you can count on with Chitwood is that he's going to speak his mind.

This is no exception.

He thinks it's time for a new approach in battling this issue, a three-pronged attack that includes education, enforcement and treatment. It's in the area of treatment that he believes is especially lacking in the current climate.

It's on today's editorial page.

It's a fight the county - and really the region and much of the nation - can't afford to lose.