Trump again

The president of the United States, the commander-in-chief, is now ridiculing the looks and intellect of a female TV news show host on Twitter.

I give up.

Once again, I don't think this is a Democrat thing. Or a Republican thing. It has nothing to do with conservative or liberal.

I want my president to be above this kind of childish, sexist, petulant rant.

He does, after all, have the nuclear codes at his disposal.

I really just want him to be presidential.

I'm not sure he's capable of that.

Today even Republicans are begging him to change his ways, and to get off Twitter.

I don't think it will do much good.

Donald Trump for some reason has no expectation about upholding the dignity of the office.

Yes, he's going to be criticized. That goes with the office, sir.

You are not running a corporation. You are the president.

Please, I'm begging you. Act like it.


Craig K. said…
It breaks my heart to say this, but I'm now embarrassed to be an American. The leader of the free world is an unstable man-child.
F. Doyle said…
Trump hasn't changed, this is the same person the people elected to run the country, How stupid can people get. He waved many a red flag before the election, He was on an Ego trip just to prove his point. And the people fell for it. Now if only he would go away and let some one else try to control the swamp he has created before we are trapped in another war!
Frank Doyle