What's with this weather?

One of the great joys I take in summer is the notion of getting out of bed - even at the ungodly hour I do - tossing on a T-shirt and shorts, and heading downstairs, where I of course immediately fire up the laptop to do a little work before getting dressed for work.

Don't ask what time I do this. No, it's not normal, but it's the way I go about the job.

But there has been something else not normal the last few days.

What's with this weather?

I know, I know. You all are shaking your heads and wondering what exactly is wrong with me. Somedays I do the same, but not for the same reasons.

This morning when I headed downstairs, I had on fleece pajama bottoms, a T-shirt and fleece zip top - and I was still cold.

When I got in the car this morning, it registered all of 58 degrees.

That's not summer. At least not to me.

Where are the lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer?

Where is my humidity?

At least the forecast is calling for a warm-up and more humid weather as we head toward the weekend.

The thicker the better, in my opinion.

Go ahead, call me weird. You won't be the first one.

Get the full forecast here.


Kate Taylor said…
Hot is fine; I don't mind. Humid, I can't breathe! Breathing is one thing that is important to my well being and I am rather partial to being well. Enjoy your humidity and believe me when I say I would be more than happy to share my humidity with you. Happy Summer!