Another bentonite spill along pipeline

Expect some more news about the Mariner East 2 pipeline today.

Middletown Supervisor Mark Kirchgasser late Monday afternoon indicated the township has been informed of another bentonite spill amid pipeline construction.

It would be the second such spill during construction in Delaware County. Last month Sunoco Logistics acknowledged a spill of the clay-like substance that is used as part of the drilling process in Brookhaven. It is not believed to be a danger to the local water table. The township is aware of the situation and the state Department of Environmental Protection has been notified and is responding to the spill site, behind the Turnbridge Center.

In his Facebook post to the Middletown Township Community page, Kirchgasser indicated the spill reached Chester Creek. But small amounts of bentonite clay, which is commonly used in these types of drilling operations, is not believed to be a danger. In the meantime, we talked to some local legislators about the growing local concerns about the pipeline. You can read that story here. Lawmakers are talking about beefing up protections for home owners in the wake of problems with water wells tied to the drilling work out in Chester County. And West Goshen today is expected to be back in front of the PUC to make their case in a dispute with Sunoco about the location of a valve station in Chester County.

Speaking of West Goshen, there is a meeting there Wednesday night that is expected to draw a big public showing.


Delco Resident said…
Water contamination is the least of our worries. A leak/explosion of these two dangerous hazardous liquids pipelines would claim many lives in our highly populated area. Sunoco is notorious for leaks/explosions of their pipelines and for not knowing of leaks. NO safety plan would protect us in the event of a leak/explosion of gases that asphyxiate and burn If they can't even do preliminary drilling without a problem, do you really trust them to build a safe pipeline?